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Fable+F# vs ReasonML | Hacker News

I like F# and believe the author has done an amazing job evolving a functional language on the dot net platform but there are simply too many design choices in F# geared around C# compatibility and limitations of CLR being an object oriented language that when you switch to a different compilation target, these language aspects begin to look like bizarre warts.

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ReasonML vs TypeScript – First impressions

This post summarizes preliminary observations while comparing ReasonML and TypeScript during selection of a reasonably (pun-intended) type safe language for frontend development. The observations here are somewhat biased in favor of experienced javascript developers and focusses primarily on frontend development workflow and does not take into account the (primary) native backend of Reason.

While this post primarily compares Reason and TypeScript, much of what is outlined about TypeScript equally applies to flow as well.

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A Vagrant+Docker based workflow for clojure web development

This post outlines a container based development workflow using Vagrant and Docker.

Many common docker tutorials (eg. the official node tutorial) suggest a workflow where projects source is copied onto the image, which is then built and run through docker. This approach is not really practical for clojure development as normal clojure programming leans heavily on rapid prototyping and REPL driven development.

The setup below utilizes Vagrant and docker volumes to setup a development environment which ensures reproducibility and container isolation while retaining the short feedback cycle which clojure developers take pride in.

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